Well, last week was quite a busy week for communications wasn’t it?

OK, let’s start with the elephant on the table: The exploit of the IGDA member to member communications system.  There’s been a lot said about it already, but the short version is that member data was protected, which was my primary concern when the email went out.  We also see once again, that there is a real need for us to move forward on the new website.

Today we had a BIG new communications item: The NEWSLETTER re-launch.  I have had a number of communications already, both positive and negative.  Thanks to all of you who commented, I am taking all of your comments to heart, and we’ll be making adjustments moving forward.  As I mentioned in the first story, this is an evolutionary process, and it will certainly take some time.  I appreciate your willingness to share your concerns and compliments.

I think that with the newsletter, the primary thing we are going to be reviewing over the next few issues will be the formatting.  It’s going to take some experimenting to balance the visual style with the functionality of easier downloading and access on different platforms.

The thing that seemed to get the most compliments was the content.  I think that we  have some magnificent content being supplied by our partners, and I hope to keep that going.  I also want to encourage any of you out there to suggest new types of content you would like to see.

Besides the newsletter, we had a few other announcements: Tobi Saulnier coming on as Co-Chair from Treasurer,  Brenda Braithwaite stepping up to support the financial aspect of the IGDA as treasurer, Jasmin Dave joining the team as our Business Development professional, are all great assets to support an expansion of the IGDA in our efforts to serve you best.

We also called for a special meeting and set up a task force to see to the specifics of creating a process for all special meetings current and future.  This is a great team that has already moved forward dramatically in clarifying some of the by-laws and building on the specifics of the execution to ensure that there is a clear and effective means to allow all members to participate and to provide context and content before during and after the meeting itself.  Many of the processes and policies that this group is developing will be useful when we do the next round of Board elections as well.

Finally, your communications are coming in loud and clear.  The responses to the member survey have been excellent.  We’re really getting a strong sense of where the member’s interests lie, and I am looking forward to presenting these findings and implementing as many as possible.

Since I got sidelined last week and missed my Wednesday blog post, we’ll have another from me this Wednesday to catch us up.

Thanks for your continued membership, and keep the information flowing.


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