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Dear Members,

I’ve gotten a lot of additional feedback regarding the newsletter.  I am hearing you loud and clear—you want something that doesn’t take so long to download and is viewable on net-books and possibly web enabled handheld and blackberry style devices.  Many of you have recommended an HTML format.

We are going to look into this for future iterations of the newsletter.   I am going to look into that and see what options we might have for that sort of thing.  It probably won’t be in place for the Sept. issue, but we’ll see for Oct.

Some others are concerned about the advertising.  I understand that concern, and respect it.  These sponsors are supporters of our industry, and the ads they placed in the newsletter are directed at showing you they understand your needs and how you operate.

Also, the funding they provide will allow us to begin work on providing the programs you have been requesting while keeping the dues low.  Please don’t dismiss all advertising as evil; these folks could be putting their money into other magazines, TV or websites that you frequent.  Instead they are showing their support for you as an individual by supporting the professional society to which you belong.

I’ve also heard the comment, “This specific article didn’t relate to me.”  I am very open to suggestions regarding the types of articles you want to see in the newsletter.  Please note that we hope to provide articles for all the different segments that represent our diverse membership.  Please let me know what you would like to see, and I’ll work on accommodating this.

Thanks for the feedback.  We’ll continue to evolve over the next 6 months and move from alpha testing to release before you know it.

Game On!



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