Special Meeting Task Force Meets


I recently had the opportunity to work with an excellent group of dedicated members on a difficult issue.  I am referring to the task force designed to see to the specifics of the upcoming special meeting.  There are a lot of issues around having a meeting like this.  As you might imagine, it’s not like you can just start an IRC session and send out an email link.  There are announcements, and communications requirements, moderators and statement/inquiry gathering and presentation, voting and reporting also.

Thus it was with some concern that I joined the email discussion between myself, Tom Buscaglia, Coray Seifert, Darius Kazemi, Dustin Clingman, and Brian Robbins.  Wow, what a capable group.  The team set aside the current issue and settled into some meaningful deliberations about the concept of a special meeting, the requirements, the impact on the IGDA, the challenges in having 12,000 members worldwide who could want to participate, etc. etc.

The recommendations to the board are a set of substantial guidelines.  Some of which need to be reviewed in their application by our legal counsel, both from a liability standpoint and the regulations of being a California state incorporated association.   The group also left some ambiguity in some areas to allow for flexibility, while clearly stating the vision and goals.

The Board now has the opportunity to review these guidelines and make directions for how they can be implemented.  I’ll be updating you on the final decisions and execution choices we’ll be using as we move forward on this difficult issue.



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