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Dear IGDA Members,

Last week we made an unfortunate mistake in our execution of the IGDA Terms of Use policies.  While taking down a large number of reported posts for review, we did not effectively communicate that these posts had been reported (for a variety of reasons) and that the IGDA was reviewing them and determining if they needed to be edited or restored in full.

There was no intent to censor anyone’s speech, and many were restored quickly and many more were restored today.  The IGDA is about free speech, as long as they are within our terms of use. (Terms that are not particularly restrictive, have been posted for several years, and may be found here:

There is no reason why the IGDA leadership seeks to suppress posts that have been on-line and readily available for over a month.  Also, great care was taken to hold the positions and maintain the threads so as to make it possible to restore posts as they were reviewed.  The root of this issue was really the volume of reports and an attempt to make final decisions based on these older posts in light of the announcement of the special meeting, which will undoubtedly spark further forum discussions and reports.

In light of the concerns, Tobi Saulnier has asked Coray Seifert to put together a small group to rapidly review these posts and determine their adherence to our terms of use.  You should begin seeing some of the posts being restored as early as today, though any determined to violate the terms will remain down.

There are a lot of things going on at the IGDA right now, and a relatively new set of folks handling the majority of them.  Myself, David, Shelby and Alex have all been with the IGDA for less that 3 months.  Unfortunately, this led to a mistake that created an unfortunate level of controversy, as we were attempting to resolve a backlog of requests before new ones came in.  Rather than censorship, this was an error in communication, and a lack of ability to speedily resolve the post reports.


Joshua Caulfield
Executive Director


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