Special Meeting Update

Dear IGDA Members,

Previously, the Special Meetings Task Force, consisting of Tom Buscaglia, Coray Seifert, Dustin Clingman, Brian Robbins and Darius Kazemi presented their findings and recommendations to the IGDA Board of Directors.

Over the course of last week, the IGDA Board of Directors has reviewed those findings and the IGDA Bylaws, and sought the input of legal counsel on the matter of the special meeting.

An official announcement of the call for the special meeting will be coming shortly with the specific date and location of the meeting, and the purpose for which the meeting is being called included.  At that time, the outline of the process by which the Special Meeting will take place will be announced as will the means by which the voting members of the IGDA may participate.  The framework of the meeting has been agreed upon by the Board of Directors, and what remains to be finalized are the specifics and the wording of the courses of action.

I encourage all of the members in the IGDA to participate in this matter even if your decision is to abstain from a vote so as to allow us to achieve the quorum as laid out in the association’s bylaws.

I look forward to resolving this issue with the IGDA and moving us back towards focusing on building member value and programs.

Joshua Caulfield
Executive Director


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