Committee on Messaging


The IGDA’s success as an organization is the result of the dedication
and expertise of its volunteers. Quite simply, when our members come
together great things happen. Now it’s time to get the message out.

All the IGDA SIGs and chapters could use a hand with advocating their
message, putting the weight of the entire IGDA behind their efforts to
improve the lives of developers. One way we can do this is with a
visual media campaign – consistent posters, t-shirts, website banner
ads – all with the weight of the entire IGDA behind them, and not just
small groups of concerned developers.

We are currently assembling a Committee on Messaging to aid in the
development of such a campaign. Heading up this committee will be
Wendy Despain and Cat Wendt, who did the visual design of the IGDA
Magazine prototype.

Because visual media requires more than just a cool idea, we are
seeking applicants for the Editorial Board with experience in marketing,
graphic design, public relations, communication, advertising,
messaging, community outreach and other similar fields. The ideal
candidates will be professional, creative and quick-witted.

We ask that applicants submit a brief summary of their qualifications
and experience to by August 29th, 2009.


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