Healthcare Update

November 20, 2009

Dear IGDA Members:


We had a lot of follow up and communications this week after the Board meeting and the Leadership Forum.  The notes from the Board meeting and Minutes will be coming later on today.


Beyond that:

– Newsletter:  The latest issue of the newsletter came out this week, with some final edits and reviews required.  Changing this over to HTML is on the list, but not a top priority at this time.


– Healthcare Program:  Some announcements and clarifications went out throughout the week, and I had a follow up call with Stuart Pase, the President of AHP.  He and I have scheduled a kick off meeting for Dec. 1st.  Joe and Jamil will be on the call, and anyone else who would like to join is welcome.  I have not set a final time with Stuart yet, but will send out the info ASAP.  I believe we will be able to have a soft Launch in December, and a full launch in January.  So we’ll be discussing the operational aspects and communications/Marketing plan for the year ahead.


– Webinar:  We had Marc Mencher’s webinar this week.  79 attendees, and another successful on-line event.  Tom Edwards is next, and Joseph and I are in discussions with a potential sponsor for that webinar, and possibly a larger/longer term sponsor arrangement as well.  Our call with this company will take place next Monday, and I will apprise you of the results when I return to the office.  We have also begun lining up the 1st quarter webinars, and I am trying to get us up to having 2/month, which is a little more effort but well worth it I believe.


– Leadership Forum Wrap Up:  We had several calls:  Josh/Staff, Josh/Toby, Josh/Heather, about the leadership forum this week, and I am planning on having a post mortem with the committee on the event the 1st week of December, and also beginning the process of getting the forum started for next year. I want to have the location, sponsor options, and content locked down by May of 2010, so we can do a proper job of marketing the event.

– Website:  We’re continuing to move forward here.  With a request for volunteers going out today to form a technical task force.


– GDC: The team and I have been working on logistics and sponsorship opps this week.  We are confirming the Metreon (sp?) location, which should be large enough and very accessible.  In addition, we are building a list of sponsor opportunities which we will begin selling as early as the 1st week of December.  We have 8 interested partners looking for sponsorship opportunities, and as I explained during the board meeting, I am presenting smaller dollar options that can scale up to larger amounts with parties interest.  Jamil has volunteered to be part of our second GDC sponsor discussion where we will begin discussing the results of the brainstorming sessions and how to go after sponsorships.

We had a number of minor operational items and SIG ops items that went on behind the scenes this week, but overall, a solid week, and I look forward to pushing ahead with our new programs and revenue opportunities for December and the 1st quarter of next year.




– I will be out of the office, and am not planning on doing much IGDA stuff next week, with the exception of this sponsorship sales call on Monday.


– I will be heading up to Mass for the Boston Chapter meeting on the 8th.  Darius has invited me to give an IGDA year end wrap up.






IGDA Perspectives

August 11, 2009

Dear Members,

I’ve gotten a lot of additional feedback regarding the newsletter.  I am hearing you loud and clear—you want something that doesn’t take so long to download and is viewable on net-books and possibly web enabled handheld and blackberry style devices.  Many of you have recommended an HTML format.

We are going to look into this for future iterations of the newsletter.   I am going to look into that and see what options we might have for that sort of thing.  It probably won’t be in place for the Sept. issue, but we’ll see for Oct.

Some others are concerned about the advertising.  I understand that concern, and respect it.  These sponsors are supporters of our industry, and the ads they placed in the newsletter are directed at showing you they understand your needs and how you operate.

Also, the funding they provide will allow us to begin work on providing the programs you have been requesting while keeping the dues low.  Please don’t dismiss all advertising as evil; these folks could be putting their money into other magazines, TV or websites that you frequent.  Instead they are showing their support for you as an individual by supporting the professional society to which you belong.

I’ve also heard the comment, “This specific article didn’t relate to me.”  I am very open to suggestions regarding the types of articles you want to see in the newsletter.  Please note that we hope to provide articles for all the different segments that represent our diverse membership.  Please let me know what you would like to see, and I’ll work on accommodating this.

Thanks for the feedback.  We’ll continue to evolve over the next 6 months and move from alpha testing to release before you know it.

Game On!



August 10, 2009

Well, last week was quite a busy week for communications wasn’t it?

OK, let’s start with the elephant on the table: The exploit of the IGDA member to member communications system.  There’s been a lot said about it already, but the short version is that member data was protected, which was my primary concern when the email went out.  We also see once again, that there is a real need for us to move forward on the new website.

Today we had a BIG new communications item: The NEWSLETTER re-launch.  I have had a number of communications already, both positive and negative.  Thanks to all of you who commented, I am taking all of your comments to heart, and we’ll be making adjustments moving forward.  As I mentioned in the first story, this is an evolutionary process, and it will certainly take some time.  I appreciate your willingness to share your concerns and compliments.

I think that with the newsletter, the primary thing we are going to be reviewing over the next few issues will be the formatting.  It’s going to take some experimenting to balance the visual style with the functionality of easier downloading and access on different platforms.

The thing that seemed to get the most compliments was the content.  I think that we  have some magnificent content being supplied by our partners, and I hope to keep that going.  I also want to encourage any of you out there to suggest new types of content you would like to see.

Besides the newsletter, we had a few other announcements: Tobi Saulnier coming on as Co-Chair from Treasurer,  Brenda Braithwaite stepping up to support the financial aspect of the IGDA as treasurer, Jasmin Dave joining the team as our Business Development professional, are all great assets to support an expansion of the IGDA in our efforts to serve you best.

We also called for a special meeting and set up a task force to see to the specifics of creating a process for all special meetings current and future.  This is a great team that has already moved forward dramatically in clarifying some of the by-laws and building on the specifics of the execution to ensure that there is a clear and effective means to allow all members to participate and to provide context and content before during and after the meeting itself.  Many of the processes and policies that this group is developing will be useful when we do the next round of Board elections as well.

Finally, your communications are coming in loud and clear.  The responses to the member survey have been excellent.  We’re really getting a strong sense of where the member’s interests lie, and I am looking forward to presenting these findings and implementing as many as possible.

Since I got sidelined last week and missed my Wednesday blog post, we’ll have another from me this Wednesday to catch us up.

Thanks for your continued membership, and keep the information flowing.